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We're your full-service pump solutions provider.

At Pump Energy, we're a full-service pump company. That means we're far more than a stocking distributor serving a wide range of industrial markets. We offer the fluid handling and flow control expertise to deliver reliable engineering support and dependable repair services. 

Repair, Service and Test Capabilities

New Equipment and Custom Pump Fabrication

At Pump Energy, our expertise lies in understanding all the various system components that can impact the life and effectiveness of a pump. We provide solutions from industry-leading pump companies – both centrifugal and positive displacement, including rotary gear. Find new pumps and custom pump fabrication solutions from trusted brands like Flowserve, Roper, Crane, Hydra-Cell, MP, Cornell, Vican, Gorman-Rupp, Grundfos, and more.
Repair, Service and Test Capabilities

Aftermarket Parts

All Pump Energy locations maintain vast inventory and wide variety of individual components and parts for our major brands – for both centrifugal and positive displacement pumps.
Repair, Service and Test Capabilities

Service and Repair

Our qualified and experienced technicians provide start-up and line up assistance for reinstallation of your equipment including laser alignment. In addition, we offer specifically tailored maintenance plans for customer sites. These plans can include predictive maintenance, routine maintenance, and upgrade services. Pump Energy offers power end exchange and seal optimization programs for ANSI B73.1M, ANSI B73.2M, and API 610 centrifugal pumps. We also offer a wide array of upgrades for engineered equipment including API 610 power end retrofit kits to the latest edition standards to modernize old equipment. We are able to repair all makes and models of centrifugal pumps and all brands of reciprocating pumping equipment.

NEW Field Service Trucks

Headquartered in Odessa - our field service trucks are different than the typical half-ton or 3/4 ton pickups used for field services. Our trucks include standard rigging with tooling on back, which allows a Pump Energy technician to go to your site and repair pumps, change seals, and determine if a more elaborate repair is needed. We can also provide push-pull services.

Repair, Service and Test Capabilities

Reliability Improvement and Upgrade Capabilities

Pump Energy offers a complete range of upgrades for engineered equipment including API 610 power end retrofit kits to latest edition standards to modernize old equipment.

In addition to centrifugal pump repair of all makes and models, we also repair all brands of reciprocating pumping equipment, including:

  • Union
  • Gaso
  • National Oilwell
  • Wheatley
  • NOV
  • Gardner Denver
  • AJAX

Repair, Service and Test Capabilities

Troubleshooting and Failure Analysis

When a system or component doesn't not work as expected – expert flow control troubleshooting is our expertise. Whether it's a the wrong size component or misapplication of materials, we'll help you find answers that work. At Pump Energy, we perform blocking and tackling to analyze a system from top to bottom – in order to calculate all of the parameters that allow your system to perform efficiently and reliably.

Pumps are limited to perform what the overall system allows. We help you determine and rectify frictional losses in their system due to:

  • Line size
  • Valving
  • Vapor pressures
  • Elevation

Our experts offer a comprehensive system assessment including the following services:

  • Installation assessments
  • Complete Pump System Engineering and Troubleshooting
  • Non-Destructive Testing or NDE and Positive Material Identification or PMI testing
  • Preventative and Routine Service Maintenance
  • Repair and Failure Analysis Reports

We're always here to serve you – On time. On budget. Never off the clock.

At Pump Energy, we're committed to recommending, installing and maintaining the right products and application solutions for our customers.

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